Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When I ordered this "David" white phlox, the catalog claimed that it was hardy and a very prolific bloomer...they were right on both accounts...and they don't flop either! I need to get more of these! Speaking of hardy...this was the last bloom on this daylilly plant pictured growing in front of my Ponderosa Pine tree. I enjoy the contrasts of textures in my gardens. The third photo I thought was just beautiful close up. Then there's the reflection of our cabin on the pond...I really like the cattails...but they do need to be thinned out...not just for the health of the pond...but for my view! Just last year, you could see the entire cabins' reflection. We used to have all different types of butterflies fluttering around, this year there has only been a few varieties. I'm assuming the outdoor cats that I took in might have something to do with that...I've also read that dragonflies will go after butterflies. Now I ask...why can't they just all get along?!...so I can be amused by all three species!


Gardengirl said...

Your photography is beautiful. I love nature shots and can never see enough of other bloggers gardens.

garden girl said...

Beautiful shots Kim! Love, love, love the photo of the daylily in front of the pine. Beautiful color and textural contrast.