Sunday, December 28, 2008


As an early riser, I treasure my twilight walks. I awake habitually around the same hour shortly before 4:00 a.m. I practically inhale my first mug of coffee and leisurely sip my second mug. In the sweet morning light as the moon sets and the sun has just barely begun to peek over the horizon, I breathe in deep the freshness of the air. I let my senses absorb all the sights and sounds of nature bathed in various shades of twilight blues.

All of these photos were from the past few days, and on each of these days I spent about a half hour to an hour outside enjoying the darkened surroundings.

Each twilight hour brought forth its' own shade of blue, as well as varying intensities of color. Of course, the longer that I linger, the twilight glow brightens. This garden statue was a gift to me. I call her my Celine statue, named so, after my granddaughter. The light reflecting across the pond towards my "Celine" is that of an automatic photo-sensor light that turns itself off in daylight.

In this wee hour of morning... each tree, plant and rock along with the water and sky almost lose some of their identity but are connected as one in the shades of twilight. Just briefly, they all share the colors for a harmonious sight.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Need I say more?...Standing on my porch was this view, it was as if the trees themselves were holding the full moon captive. This was taken very early this morning as the sun was just beginning to rise on the opposite side of the woods.

The clouds gracefully moved across the sky in their finest shades of peaches, pinks and grays. This point here was between the full moon resisting is setting, and the sunrise barely rising over the back hill...

and the new dawn begins...

I couldn't decide which to post, so both are shown, this was the capture prior to cropping. The glow on the underside of the clouds was just heavenly.

These next three photos were from this weekend, as I gaze at the moon in awe, it's hard not to feel as if I'm under it's spell. My mind clears of all else...I'm totally drawn into it's mystery. I'm in solitary confinement with nature...totally surrounded by the crisp, dark night. Comforted by the towering, silhouetted trees of the woods, as the moon casts her spell on me.

One more sunset coloring the sky.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008


This past weekend our temperatures dropped to the lowest so far in this early winter season. It was bitter cold, and old man winter threw in a good dose of wind chill effects just to make sure he got his point across! This first image shows the coneflower seedheads(left for the birds), with the sun low in the sky, casting it's beam across the frozen pond. I'm seeing some interesting shadows created across the pond...and as I've mentioned in many posts, the pond "scape" changes all day. I never would've thought that our pond would bring me the amount enjoyment, on a variety of levels, as it does.

I discovered this small nest on one of my walks this weekend, it's nestled among an overgrown wild rose bush. The bush is probably 12-13 feet high, yet this cozy home was about 6-7 feet above ground. Whatever feathered friend calls this home, sure has protection from predators with all the thorns from along the canes of the bush. It appears to be occupied, I think I'm seeing an eye peeking out there. Recently, I've spotted Cardinals and Finches on the bush, more than likely for the rose hip berries. If anyone has an idea who may be in that nest, please give your guess. The entrance is on the side.
Looking out my kitchen window, there's a tree fairly close to the cabin. It is dying and has an inevitable date with a chainsaw. I am holding off taking it down because I enjoy seeing the birds, squirrels, owls and raccoons that frequent the tree. Here's a couple of titmouse, this photo came out pretty good considering I took it from in the cabin.
This photo didn't turn out quite so good, again, taken from indoors. Perhaps because it was snowing, I'm not sure. I was watching these little ones pick up the cat food and bring it to the branch and break the food down with their beaks to eat it. Here the titmouse was eating snow, ahhh...nothing like a little ice cold snow to wash down cat food!

Here's a taste of my photography skills!! This is a capture of two deer on the damn, just before dark....O.K! you can't see the deer, but you CAN see their eyes! I really need to find my manual for my camera!! I debated on showing this blooper, but hey...what the heck!

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