Sunday, November 30, 2008


This first photo is the sunrise in the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning, which the rest of the day turned out equally beautiful as well. I'm not sure if you can see the white plastic bottle in the pond at the farthest end, but if you do, that is where we moved the waterlillies to overwinter. Hopefully that decision comes through for us next spring, it was either place them deeper or take the plant out and store elsewhere in cool storage.

I am mesmerized by moonlit nights, a starry sky, thunderstorms, the sunrise and a sunset. These captures were just too beautiful not to share! This first sunset photo was taken after I walked halfway up our pinehill. It was taken on a different night as the other sunsets shown here. It really irks me that I am hesitant to walk my own woods due to wandering hunters. On Thanksgiving day we drove up north, three counties away to be with family. Upon our return the next day, I hadn't even got out of my truck when I saw a hunter close to the pond. Which means he was fairly close to the cabin. He was hiding behind a tree, but I happened to see him quickly take off his bright red-orange cap. My husband walked over to him, with our two large dogs. The hunter ended up being a neighbors' nephew, at least not a total stranger. My neighbors are aware of how I feel about hunting, and my neighbors all hunt. It would truly upset me to see an animals' life taken in my woods.
These last three photos are of the same sunset, just look at the changing blues, oranges and reds all within about a 15 minute time frame. The vivid colors that are produced in nature never cease to amaze me. The reds and oranges this evening were on fire! Almost unreal looking...too bad the sunsets don't last longer, but that just makes me appreciate them even more.

In this capture, at the lower right hand corner, you'll see the snow on top of the very first structure we built here in the woods. This is a simple wood storage barn, if my memory is correct, it's about 10 x 16. This is where we stayed and camped when we'd come out and build the cabin every weekend. That little building had it all! Cooking utensils for over the firepit, sleeping bags up in the loft, even a makeshift bathroom. On the back of our barn, we built an outdoor shower. After heating water over a fire, we'd pour it into a camping shower bag and hang it on the hook. I actually loved taking a shower and looking up at the treetops. My granddaughter was quite young then, she loved camping there and called it the E-I-E-I-O barn.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I know that I've already posted this wild turkey photo, but I felt it deserving of another shot of the spotlight...especially since many of us will be enjoying the turkey on Thanksgiving. Interesting note on this creature...last year, there were probably thirty turkeys up in the trees one day. Something spooked them, and they all took off in flight at once. For some reason, one became disoriented and landed in the pond. Of course, I panicked thinking it may drown, as it was struggling. I yelled for my husband and he came over with heavy duty work gloves in an attempt to save the poor thing. Surprisingly, it managed to "swim" to the edge of the pond within a few feet of me, and fly away. I didn't know turkeys knew how to swim, if that's what you call what it did!
Here's a decent size doe wandering just behind the cabin, the rest of her family took off when they spotted my husband at the window, she was a little curious...
and so was this squirrel.
Even though my woods bring me my calm, hey...I have my moments of stress! Every time I see one of my cats crossing the pond! I just lose it with worry that they will find a weak far they've been lucky! Look at Patches...just strolling the worries! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We have felt the cold air and the snow flurries on sparse days of November...

that was until yesterday when winter came barrelling through the woods, his frigid breath pounding on the cabin...then proceeded to properly introduce himself! Howling winds raged through the trees, temperatures dipped in the teens during the night, and big, fluffy snowflakes raced in circles every which way!
He is here, in all his glory...

and from the looks of it, plans to make himself at home!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

MAGIC TO ?????...

These are NOT created photos...they were taken Friday evening, November 14th., as the moon was rising over the woods. If you haven't already seen my last post, you may want to check it out. I have photos of the moonscape from Thursday, November 13th that I posted.
These photos on this Friday evening were taken at approximately the same time. I was waiting for my daughter and her friend to arrive for the weekend when I decided to go out and view the moon.
All of the captures were taken within a 10-15 minute time frame.
Posted by PicasaAs I was snapping this one, I didn't see the white orb(or whatever it may be)in the upper center of the photo. When I viewed it in the computer is when I noticed that. The clouds formed a pathway to the was stunning. I wish all of you could have been there because, once again, my photographs just don't do justice to what the views were in person.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Out of all natures' wonders, the awe-inspiring moon probably captures my attention the most. There is something magical about the moon, especially in all its' glory when full. Last night the moonscape was awesome. My captures are NOWHERE near the power and beauty that actually painted the sky last night! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to accurately capture a perfect photo...the aura around the moon does not show here as it did as I was standing there. The subtle nuances in the clouds and tree silhouettes are lost in my photos. I was so mesmerized by this event that only lasted about five minutes, I took 66 photos, only a couple came somewhere near the real beauty of last night. One of the photos showed a formation of a cross from the tree branches, but the rest of the scenery wasn't good. This aura that formed and lasted just a few minutes was the largest I have ever seen around the moon.

After that, the sky was still breathtaking...

and worth staying out a little longer, just soaking up the moonbeams.

Now for the majesty... this buck was just outside the back of our cabin a couple of days ago, a few other deer were searching for food as well, a little further back in the woods.
Yesterday, I had such a treat. I was watching four deer up close to the cabin. They were munching here and there, then wandered across the front yard. My five outdoor cats were watching and one of them ran out to the deer. I witnessed a little leaping and playing between O.J. and one of the deer. The deer all gracefully walked to the damn of the walked down to the water and began to drink. Two of my cats went and laid down right next to the other three deer. I was admiring how these two very different creatures were peacefully accepting each other, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a deer in the distant woods running. All of a sudden, a very large buck ran towards the group, as did the first deer I saw in the distance. One chased three deer away and the large buck very forcefully went after the smallest deer and also chased it into the woods. The two aggressors came back to the pond and the larger buck made sounds that I've never heard before. It was an extremely loud, sick, belching sound. I've heard the snorts before, but not this. My husband said that there were territorial issues going on here.

It's hunting season here, something I dread. It bothers me to hear all the guns going off. There is no hunting allowed in my woods.
One day I witnessed Patches our cat, nose to nose with a small doe. Patches was laying down relaxing and the doe just came up to her. Patches got up slowly and started walking and the doe followed her. The unspoken trust of two different species intrigues me.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Walking through the woods at this time of the season, I've noticed some standout reds among the nearly bare woods. Gone are the various green hues of the summer. There is still a dash of green here and there, some of the orange and peaches, but the last of natures' reds are what catch my attention on my walks lately.

I don't recall the name of the two bushes we placed on each end of the porch, but their fallen leaves and red berries offer a potpourri of reds, pinks and creams. This color palette covers quite an area in front of the cabin.

Just a few more textures and shades of the reds right now. The rose hips shown are from wild roses that grow in mass in various spots along the woods' edge. Curious as to if all rose hips are edible...can anyone answer that?
This photo is of fruit(?) from a pear tree someone gave to me. Supposedly, it's a Cleveland Bradford Pear Tree and I was told it does not produce fruit. This was the first year this fruit showed up. Again, if anyone could tell me, is this a fruit? Maybe the tree is not what I was told?!

This quaint frog statue is relaxing on a rock situated just above one of our many small falls leading down to the pond. The main waterfall sits back in the woods' edge and there are 13 or 14 small falls along down to the pond.
Take a look under the rock on the right...
This sweet little frog would always sit next to the frog statue on top of the rock, along with another buddy of his. I would start meandering up to them and they'd hop in the water and hide. This went on for a few weeks, when I noticed that suddenly they were no longer there.
I am fairly certain this is the reason why...

See the bulge in this snake? I know he has to eat, and it's natures' course...but, I missed those two little guys on my walk up the falls. I'll just focus on those reds!!

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Friday, November 7, 2008


Out of each season, there are unique reasons to enjoy each in its' own. Back in the woods here, summertime only allows me limited views of the sun rise and sets. It's fall, winter and spring that I am truly able to enjoy all the colors of the sky against the silhouette of the towering trees. Once winter is here, I have an amazing view of the sky, the bare trees , along with the large rolling hills and horizon beyond. At times, I'll bundle up in the cold weather and go into the woods, sit on a bench(that my hubby created out of downed trees), and just sit in the quiet solitude to admire the awesome majesty of it all.

This side of the woods still has plenty of the bronze, orange and peach foliage left. The majority of the woods are quickly becoming bare.

At least now I am able to see the nests in the trees much easier. When you think about wildlife and how they manage to survive all the elements of nature, it justifies how much respect I have for all the critters.
As I was out and about this past week, on one very windy day, the birds were quite active in the tree tops. I was happy to see the wind blown Gold Finch's . Before we started providing food and a large heated cat home for the five stray outdoor cats, we had all kinds of feathered friends at our feeders along the porch. That was the big downside to bleeding heart! Many times I've chased the cats, yelling at them for having a bird in their mouth. It just rips my heart out to see that. I know it's the law of nature, I just can't stand to imagine what pain the prey is feeling. They don't do it in front of me anymore!
I enjoy the Woodpeckers, as long as they're not pecking on the cabin! At one point, we did have that problem. For some reason, it was only the first two years that we lived here.

Now, I'm not sure what type of bird this brave little fellow is...but as small as these birds are, they constantly help themselves to the cats' you can see in its' beak! Surprisingly, there's times when they are within a few feet of the cats....brave, but not so intelligent.

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