Sunday, September 20, 2009


Where do I begin? First of all, thank you to all of you who have contacted me with concern. I promised that I would explain what has been going on with me...and here it is. You all know of my connection issues, and over time (possibly tower changes), blogging and commenting on other blogs has been extremely time consuming and many times impossible. I feel fairly confident that you all understand that I'm not a blogger snob. Time is a precious gift, and I have chosen to spend my time this summer outdoors and not in front of this computer.

I have pain from spinal issues...the hours spent sitting in front of my computer must be limited. To those of you who have shown concern in this area, I'm okay...looking forward to four injections next week to hopefully knock the pain out! Maybe this will be the magic bullet, and I'll be dancing once again! Love those thumping, bumping 80's songs!

After much encouragement from family, friends, and blogging buddies...I have joined Artist Rising. My captures can be seen and available for purchase through my gallery at I am continually uploading new captures, as I have hundreds of photographs from these past few months alone. Currently, I have about 60 photos available in my gallery.

I recieve a minimum amount on any of my photography sold...but it is a starting point, as I don't have the necessary equipment to print and sell from home. This also gives me an opportunity to see how much interest my captures generate.

At my gallery, you can enlarge the photographs. You can choose a capture and view it in a matted frame of your choice of color/ can even see how it looks against your wallcolor. I've had family members in the past purchase just the photography(not mine...yet!), and do their own matting and framing as a more affordable option. It is an interesting site. If you are a member(or wish to log-in) and truly do enjoy my me a favor and click on ...I like this artist. I'm not sure what the benefits are of this feature, if nothing'll bring me a smile. Along with every capture is a short description. I posted a new post on my hummingbird also, someday I'm sure I'll be posting again. I do miss connecting with all of you, but for now, I'm walking a new path in Wishnik Woods...what dreams may come?

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