Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After its' aerial acrobats show, this dragonfly decided to get a closer look at his/her audience. All around me it glided, hovering in the breeze... several times within a foot or so of my face. Finally choosing a grassy patch to rest upon within a few feet from where I was sitting on the dock. I took that as an invite for a photo shoot! I proceeded off the deck onto the grassy bank and started clicking away...each time stepping closer...still clicking. At this point, Bandit and Patches (my cats) joined me. I saw Patches in the crouch position ready to leap...I yelled no and quickly placed a firm hand down on her back. She coiled back to me...not happy. I quickly placed my hand firmly down on her was too late. Out from under my hand she leaped...she had another prey in her sights as she kept going...not my winged performer. But, with the initial landing of her first pounce, she landed on my dragonfly. I was horrified! I slowly walked up to the dragon...its' head lower to the ground.. appearing to still be intact, yet, motionless. I ever so softly stroked the length of its' body...thinking what a shame this beauty cannot enjoy life anymore. Amazingly, the small head slowly raised and fell...

and then it raised and turned to look at me. Thinking that maybe I'm causing more pain, I stopped my gentle strokes and placed my open palm about two inches on the ground in front of him/her. Slowly...the dragonfly walked to and onto my hand.

(reminds me of sheer stained glass)

All in all, we bonded for maybe fifteen minutes. I took a seat back on the dock, the dragonfly walked all over my hand, then on to my thighs, climbing up my shirt towards my face...which I then put my hand out for it to climb back did. Of course, the whole time I'm talking to this small creature. No...don't worry, I didn't hear a little voice answering me back!

It was tough taking photos so close as I held it. After viewing the many captures I took, I think there was damage to its' leg. Dragonflies catch their prey from above and use their legs in a basket formation to carry the prey. I hope this one pulls through o.k. It finally spread its' wings and took off, circling me a few times, landed once again on my shirt ...looking up at me...and then flew off to enjoy life.

Peek-a-boo?! see you. This damselfly wouldn't be good at Hide-n-Seek either....too cute, huh?!

In an aching need to see flowers and more color surrounding husband came through with a surprise of three baskets of Pansies. Pansies are real eye candy at this time of the year... deep yellows, royal purples, dark and chiffon blues, just to mention a few colors. Enticing our senses... an appetizer... for more blooms to come this summer.

This dainty damselfly was the first of the season!

Two Japanese Willow trees and five or six Japanese Willow bushes grace our pond. I absolutely love these willows...they sway with every breeze...they keep pace with the rippling surface of the water every time the breeze picks up. New growth is the prettiest...sheer layers of new leaf in shades of salmon pink nestled among the mottled cream and green leaves.

Everything is it's own way. At least that's what the song said!

What a beautiful sight! After many sunny afternoon rendezvous with the male, this female Springtime Darner deposits her eggs.

Strawberry blooms are peeking out
The petite Muscari are all showing off their Spring blue bonnets.
A Dogwood bloom...

Up close and personal with a mature Dogwood tree growing in the wild, this is the view. Beautiful creamy blooms reaching towards the blue skies...ahhh...Spring!

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The understory of our woods are finally rising and shining. This hosta is one of many varieties that I have, they were all given to me by family and friends when we first bought our property. I was walking through the woods noticing all the different forms and intricate patterns taking shape in this spring season.

Dogwood trees dot the woods this May, even the underside of bracts are attractive.

The fungus growing on fallen logs even offers different color palettes, blending with falls' little treasures still covering the ground.

Reaching for the sun...

A Dogwood "bloom" actually consists of four bracts with 15-20 small flowers in the center.

Acorns...more remainders of fall...the squirrels are slacking!
Does anyone know what these are?....I really don't want to say what we referred to them as when we were children, I'm sure some of you used to call them the same!
Moss....everywhere. I love moss, it's as if the woods are carpeted. We have many varieties of moss here, too.

My ferns are sprouting from underneath the the texture and shape of them in the Spring. They remind me of serpents rising and unfurling from the sea!

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The undergrowth in the woods is sprouting a variety of interesting shapes and colors. At this point, this bush almost looks tropical.

The top of a Ponderosa Pine sporting a growth spurt! This is kind of neat to watch over the course of time...each day, you never know what it's going to look changes shape that quickly.

Same variety of plant as the first an earlier stage.

The Eastern Redbuds are beginning to leaf out now and take on a new look for Spring.

Apple tree buds and blooms

A damselfly enjoying the sunset
The Pear tree blooms... with the setting sun coloring the woods in the distance.
Almost looks like blooms...this was some type of slow growing pine tree given to us...the blushing peach is new growth.

Can a flower look happy?!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009


My bleeding heart against her feathery foliage

Yes...I have an obsession with rocks, it's that whole concept of contrasts. As my ferns soak up the sun, she plays with the ability to create shadows...I found this play interesting against the textured rock. This particular rock is next to our largest waterfall...we have so many fern varieties growing in the woods, all I need to do is take a little walk when I want a fern.

Wild Violets scattered here and there are common now here in the woods...I find them most attractive after a light rain, surrounded by the darkened fall leaves that blanket the floor of the woods.

The tall Ponderosa Pines are showing off their new growth...these pines are plentiful at Wishnik Woods.

Pear tree blooms just beginning to open

My first waterlily pad it is almost sundown. The gold you see is the sunset reflecting. Hmmm???...must be a fish or two underneath playing hide-n-seek?! Something from below kept that pad bopping just slightly.
Not the best capture...but dragonflies are back! The male and female Springtime Darners were all about is in the air!
Ummm....not sure! I received a few flowering bushes as freebies from a nursery a few years ago...this is one of them...beautiful Spring bud, though!

My flowering delicate

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