Sunday, May 3, 2009


My bleeding heart against her feathery foliage

Yes...I have an obsession with rocks, it's that whole concept of contrasts. As my ferns soak up the sun, she plays with the ability to create shadows...I found this play interesting against the textured rock. This particular rock is next to our largest waterfall...we have so many fern varieties growing in the woods, all I need to do is take a little walk when I want a fern.

Wild Violets scattered here and there are common now here in the woods...I find them most attractive after a light rain, surrounded by the darkened fall leaves that blanket the floor of the woods.

The tall Ponderosa Pines are showing off their new growth...these pines are plentiful at Wishnik Woods.

Pear tree blooms just beginning to open

My first waterlily pad it is almost sundown. The gold you see is the sunset reflecting. Hmmm???...must be a fish or two underneath playing hide-n-seek?! Something from below kept that pad bopping just slightly.
Not the best capture...but dragonflies are back! The male and female Springtime Darners were all about is in the air!
Ummm....not sure! I received a few flowering bushes as freebies from a nursery a few years ago...this is one of them...beautiful Spring bud, though!

My flowering delicate

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