Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The understory of our woods are finally rising and shining. This hosta is one of many varieties that I have, they were all given to me by family and friends when we first bought our property. I was walking through the woods noticing all the different forms and intricate patterns taking shape in this spring season.

Dogwood trees dot the woods this May, even the underside of bracts are attractive.

The fungus growing on fallen logs even offers different color palettes, blending with falls' little treasures still covering the ground.

Reaching for the sun...

A Dogwood "bloom" actually consists of four bracts with 15-20 small flowers in the center.

Acorns...more remainders of fall...the squirrels are slacking!
Does anyone know what these are?....I really don't want to say what we referred to them as when we were children, I'm sure some of you used to call them the same!
Moss....everywhere. I love moss, it's as if the woods are carpeted. We have many varieties of moss here, too.

My ferns are sprouting from underneath the the texture and shape of them in the Spring. They remind me of serpents rising and unfurling from the sea!

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