Tuesday, October 28, 2008


EDIT....The top photo was added after the initial post...I did not create that photo...see comments for a little info on that shot!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


The skylines' are changing with more views of the sky beyond the dark silhouettes of the trees. Just three weeks ago, I would see very little of the mauve, pink, orange and red hues surrounding a sunset. Not that a sunset in summer wasn't perfect in its' own right...it was perfect how it spread itself throughout all the leaves and vegetation in the woods. Casting shadows among the sun-kissed leaves, branches and trunks of the trees. The summer setting of the sun created beautiful contrasts in the woods. Now, I enjoy the contrasts of the trees against the clouds and the colors of the sky. When I want to see a more dramatic effect, all I have to do is gaze in the pond. It's very easy to get lost in a moment like this!
Temperatures have dipped as low as 29 degrees at night. We've had a good bit of sunshine lately during the past couple of weeks, but I think this will be the last of my waterlily blooms. My last two blooms opened slightly more than this one. More than likely, I'll have to appreciate this beauty as no more than the bloom it is now.
This was taken within the last couple of weeks...now, I know that a photographer would look at this photo and tell me all that I did wrong in trying to capture this falling leaf! Truth be told, I was actually trying to photograph a Mosaic Darner Dragonfly and the camera setting was on automatic. As I was viewing my photos after I loaded them, there was this perfect falling leaf, just floating in a sunbeam...it appears almost golden, doesn't it?
Faster than a speeding bullet! This large dragonfly is who I was trying to capture zooming in and out of the tree tops! It's too bad that you cannot see the greens and blues, contrasting with the black in this dragon...the lighting was too bright and washed out the color. I am going to miss my dragons so much...I can't wait until next spring!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fabulous Fall Decor Award!!...

This award was given to me by Lona, over at... A Hocking Hill's Garden. Lona, thank you so much , nothing like a little award to brighten up your day!...I appreciate it!! This is new to me, so here goes... I'm supposed to pass it along to six people that I think deserve this award, and borrowing Lonas' phrase...

Drum roll please!...

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The rules are simple...you pick up this award photo and post it on your blog. Nominate six people/blogs of your choice for this same award. Then finally, you need to let the winners know that they have been chosen!

Again...Thank you Lona!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


As much as I love my perennials, I have to give credit where credit is due...and that would be to the common colorful annuals. When all the other plants are winding down for their long winters' slumber, here is the annuals time to finally shine . I have plenty of moisture along the front porch, so after a few years of experimenting with different varieties, I've settled on what works, the impatiens. Among the variegated creepers, I've scattered some daylillies, wild geraniums, bleeding heart and large rocks. The impatiens along the outside edge, with rocks all running the length of the beds.

This little guy on the swing was a gift from my mom. I couldn't decide where I wanted him...finally one day my granddaughter, Celine, picked him up and placed him on this swing. It was the perfect spot, and he's been there ever since...about four years now! My husband made this swing hanging on a tree branch for Celine to swing her dolls.
Everyone in my family has a trail that is named after them, a few of us hand chiseled trail signs. Mine is Spooky's Stroll, shown here with the peach and green autumn leaves of the small dogwood tree. Before we had the pond, I had many, many long walks in the woods. I enjoy the solitude of just myself and being surrounded by the towering trees. Somehow it's comforting to me.
The Meadowhawk dragonflies were sure busy this past weekend. Here's four couples in tandem enjoying the sunny day.
They were not only friendly with each other, but with me. As soon as I put out my arm they would land on me. They landed on my shoulders, on my shirt, but the best shot for a photo was impossible to get! One landed on my finger that was positioned...on my camera...to shoot a photo! Teasing me! In this photo, there's one on my hand and one on my forearm.

Across the waterfall, off to the side and in the woods...I nestled a couple of old benches and a table. Just a cozy little nook to relax and let time slip by. Here you can see who has the most time to let slip by! It' s Bandit and her son O.J. Well, of course after following me around on "our" walks, they had to take a rest!
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Thursday, October 9, 2008


There is a song that I have always thought was beautiful, both the music and the lyrics...True colors. Last night as my son and I had a conversation...he offered me encouragement, as he always does when it comes to his mom. This led me to think of the title for this post. The colors of the trees (and other plants in nature) in fall show their true colors. Many of you may know this, but for those who don't, this is how mother nature works her magic.

Basically, there are three pigments that are present in your leaves, berries, and plants. Chlorophyll produces the green color... as exposure to the sun decreases this allows the other two pigments, carotenoid and anthocynanins to "take over" and bring out the actual color of the leaves. Anthocynanins are responsible for the red color under certain conditions and not all trees can make this...plants with excess plant sugars in their leaf cells will result in the reds. Whatever the mix, fall foliage always seems to be just perfect.
Back to the song...song writer Billy Steinberg wrote the original version for his mother. This post is for my son, Brad, who always sees my true colors.

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