Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Life is seen all around in different forms, colors and textures on this somewhat cool day. Where did the month go?

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Sunday, September 28, 2008


This Rose of Sharon plant was a freebie I received and planted around the pond. As I was focusing in on this flower, I noticed how it appears to be a face of a little pig inside...see the two eyes and the big snout? Yes, I've been in the woods a long time! Then there's the small butterfly enjoying the Hydrangea tree and its' changing blooms of soft pinks, creams and sage greens. Here I am once again bonding with a Meadowhawk dragonfly. They are so friendly and curious. When I came home from being out on Wednesday, I looked out my truck windshield to see if I had one of my little red friends greeting me(as they often do). I didn't see a one...but as I turned to open the door...there was a Ruby Meadowhawk perched on my rear view mirror just looking at me. As usual, a couple "walk" me up to the cabin, along with Bandit, my faithful outdoor cat. In order to capture a great shot and to prove that I'm not seeing things, I took my camera with me when I went out Thursday and Friday. I cleaned my truck rear view mirror and window just for this "great shot"! Guess what?? No great shot! No proof! BUT....one clean window and mirror!! Who needs to buy garden whimsy when you have the real thing? This white mushroom popped up among my bedding flowers, and I like it...just where it is! In a shaded corner of my rock garden where the previous waterfall was, it is just bursting with various shades of greens and violets! I love to see the different color combinations that show up with the different seasons. The Meadowhawk dragonfly basking in the sunshine on the tippy top of my largest Weigela bush just looks magical in the glow, doesn't she? In my last photo is the view I see as I sit on the dock deck and look on the left bank of the pond. This is where alot of damsel and dragon action occurs during the warm months. They do love that all those cattails at the far end! I think there's some serious hide-n-seek games going on...in and around those tall reeds. Now, I never promised garden advice, words of wisdom, beautiful photos of places visited, or showcasing various corners of the world...just some photos of my little paradise. I began this blog on a whim...just clicked "create blog" to see where it took me. Then I figured this would be a good way for my family to see what I feel and what makes me...ME. Complicated... yet simple. Serious...yet whimsical. When family all comes out...no one takes the time to experience the little nuances here in the woods... we are talking and laughing. Good memories, yes, but there is much more our woods have to offer. Right now, at this point in my adult children's lives, they have no interest or need to feel my "calm" in this little "dream come true "my hubby and I created(along with some help from them). So as this has turned into a journal, somewhat, maybe someday when I've passed on....my children will have that need to feel what I feel. Here it will always be. Wow!....all this just to say I hope you enjoy my little treasures!

Considering a new camera? You might want to check out the camera recommendations(at my request), on my , Damsels and Dragons of Wishnik Woods blog. Go to the comments on Post dated ...Saturday, Sept. 27 th. I feel all three contributing bloggers have just great photos. If you have a recommendation for me, please feel free to leave a comment!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday was such a perfect fall day, and I admit there's nothing going on in the gardens to brag about now . What's nice is to take a little walk around the pond or woods and find something unexpected. Across from my waterfall along the woods' edge, I have a wooden bench and table to sit and watch the falls. Just for a little color I planted impatiens at the base of my Rose of Sharon bush. Around the flowers I've placed logs as a natural border. We've had no rain in days and I have yet to water those ever thirsty flowers...but just look how pretty the wildflowers show against the autumn leaves and the rugged texture of the log. Mother Nature does it better than I could ever do! In the shallow end of the pond, where the winds take the majority of the fallen leaves, a butterfly landed on the leaves as I was admiring the view. I noticed the outside edges of this butterfly are white, and I don't recall ever seeing one such as this before. It is a well-known fact that I focus on the dragonflies a little more, though! Now, let's talk about rude!!! I'm walking along the bottom of the falls...right where it flows into the pond...and I see this little serpent sticking out of the leaves. The snake allowed me to take plenty of photos, but as I got closer...it decided to stick his tongue out at me! No, I didn't return the favor...as far as I understand...that is how they "smell". I may be wrong, feel free to correct me. Now, I had two of my Meadowhawk dragonflies following me at this point and were within inches of this creature. That's when I stopped photographing the snake! Here's another..."go ahead at laugh at me " moment. I have twice saved critters(a frog and a toad) out of snakes' mouths. L-o-n-g stories...but honest to God, I succeeded. I even coaxed the critters away from the snakes after the release. Yes, I am a nutcase! I know the snakes have to eat...but not in front of me! The last photo is our resident pond turtle...that is his favorite sunning spot. My hubby believes that he's a good sized painted turtle. No snappers, thank you! When I was a child I got bit by a snapper. Holy Toledo!!...did that ever hurt and did a number on my thumb, too! I was told usually you have to behead them for release...you don't want to know how I got it off...but, there was no beheading!

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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Up and early...coffee on the dock...it's a peaceful morning with just a hint of crisp in the air. Nothing that my hubbys' robe can't cure! I ventured out with jammies, "garden slippers", and my husbands' robe. As I was just trying to still focus and function after a fairly decent night rest, I looked across the pond and watched as leaves fell silently graceful to the pond. The sun was barely peeking over the back hill and the sky was still a sleepy blue with subtle shades of pink tinted clouds. The tall pines and hardwood tree tops showing up black against the sky...it was the perfect dawn. After I nearly inhaled my first cup of coffee...I just had to take a little walk around the pond to try and capture what I felt this morning! I was hoping the photo of the leaf just falling onto the surface of the pond would capture the ripples of the water! As I am preparing this post, it's a bright, warm and sunny day out. I do love fall...and even some winter...just not SO much of the latter. My waterlily photograph was put in the mix just because I can't get enough of them!! The lily was not yet opened at that time of the morn. Actually, that photo was late evening. Just so pretty all the same!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Wild asters of white, pink and lilac are scattered along the damn, around the pond and the woods' edge at this time of season. I enjoy coming across some of the wildflowers that I didn't plant...it's just a nice little surprise when out taking a walk. Some see these flowers as a nuisance...but in a natural setting they are right at home wherever they plant their roots! The sedum are starting to bloom, and as these are very hardy and vigorous, I've scattered them various places in the woods as well. The Daylily shown here showing off is the last of all my daylillies to bloom...well, other than a few of the Stellas are still producing a bloom or two. In the last photo is a plant that was given to me...I believe it's another variety of sedum. At the time, I had nowhere in particular that I wanted it planted...so, as many others, I placed it on the woods' edge on a side of a hill. It just rambles along beautifully showing its' pretty pink shades in the morning and evening sun. I guess I found the perfect spot after all!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We have many turkey families living in our woods...this one decided to ruffle his feathers for me...this photograph was actually taken through a window. There's many times we'll see 20-30 of them all strutting along the pond, behind the cabin, and even up close to our porch and dock. They're most vocal in the evening talking to each other and flapping up in the trees. You should see all five of my cats at the window watching them. I have witnessed this particular turkey within 3 feet of one of the outdoor cats...they saw each other... neither one seemed to mind the other. Possibly they are familiar with each other from living in the same woods? This is one of my last cone flowers, I have a few more popping up here and there. They are a simple flower, yet so important for the insects in the garden. I'm not sure who enjoys them more...myself or the butterflies and bees! All of my Endless Summer Hydrangeas are putting on a spectacular show of metamorphosis, I enjoy seeing the change of colors on a bloom as it changes on a daily basis. My last photograph is the sunset behind the damn, reflecting on the water...just so serene. And what is that?...Another orb over the pond!? I'm sure it is an insect...but fun to think what it could be! Unlike my first post on the orb...it was not raining in this photo.

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Friday, September 12, 2008


Today as I post, this is my beautiful granddaughters' birthday. My little saying to Celine is ..."I love you to the moon and back, more than all the stars in the sky!" And of course, she always tries to out do me with just how much she loves me, which I don't mind one bit! Time sure does fly...so do the summers. I believe this is my last bloom that my Johnson Blue geraniums are going to give me. They always looked so pretty spilling over the rocks, especially when we had our first waterfall next to the dock. I had them scattered here and there on the sides going down. Our new waterfall across the pond has no plantings on the sides this year, we'll probably to some of that next spring. Our current waterfall starting back on the woods' edge has quite a long way down to the pond. It will not be as "decorated" on the sides, as we are going for a much more natural look this time around. Patches is relaxing alot lately in one of Bandits' favorite hangouts. My Splish Splash(I'm pretty sure that was the name?) geraniums are trying to give it one last go at a bloom or two...not much of the lavender color showing on this round. That's o.k. ... I'm just happy to see any blooms right about now. The Ruby Meadowhawk perched on the plant of the ponds' edge...I thought was a nice photo with the cloud reflection. When I viewed my photos after transferring them, I noticed the rings in the water. I have no idea what caused that little added effect, maybe a little frog jumped in...I don't know, but I liked the overall look! This is the first time I've ever seen a yellow ladybug! I have seen the red and the orange ones, but never a yellow one. She's enjoying my hydrangea tree. If she is not a ladybug, please let me know what she is. My biggest thrill around the pond and gardens is if a dragonfly lands on a flower. I have waited and waited for one to land on my waterlily. A dragonfly flew between my camera and the waterlily as I posted earlier. I've photographed a damselfly on my lily, but one hasn't landed right on my waterlily. Finally I have that shot...only the Ruby Meadowhawk landed on an unopened bloom instead of the opened lily. This dragonfly met me again when I came home and flew right next to my head all the way up to the cabin. When I came back outside about 20 minutes later...there it was on the porch facing the cabin. That was pretty risky for the little one because Bandit and two of the other outside cats were lounging fairly close by on the porch as well. "We" proceeded to go down to the dock together and then took "our" walk together around the pond. Both dragonfly photos are the same Meadowhawk. As the summer nears its' end, I'm trying to focus on enjoying what it still offers now, rather than thinking about what's to come in a few months. I've got to enjoy the now and the fall season, instead of jumping to thoughts of short days and long cold nights. A final note to Mom...who reads this...see, I'm not all alone in the woods! When I go for my walks, I not only have the company of the cats following me...but the fish and the dragonflies! No mom...I can't get enough of nature! As far as conversation...I talk to them. And, uh, don't worry...I haven't heard them answer me back!!

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Monday, September 8, 2008


Yes...I'm still playing with my Picasa !!!...and loving it. These photos were taken at different times of the day... the first is a Ruby Meadowhawk dragonfly that insisted on following me around on my entire walk around the pond... everywhere I went. We played hide and seek around the hydrangea tree, that was pretty amusing! I do have photos of that. I had quite a treat when I returned home today. We don't have a garage, just a stoned parking area. As I was putting my truck in park, I looked up and a Ruby Meadowhawk was hovering in front of my windshield looking straight at me. I got out of the truck and it was within two feet of my face! Honest to God truth!! Now that was a warm welcome home!! (should've had the old camera!). On the top photo I adjusted the color, added glow and soft edges...hoping for that dreamy look. Of course, that's the look I was going for in all the photos. The next two photos I added just glow and soft edges. I love the starry effect on the edges of the lily pads from the suns' reflection. The last one is a dragonfly in flight as well...only I just softened the edges. Both of the dragonfly photos were too blurry to crop any closer to be honest. So, I figured that you can't waste otherwise beautiful photos of a magnificent creature.

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I just found a new toy!!....go ahead and laugh...I admit that I'm a computer illiterate! This past weekend I just discovered what my picassa can do..and I'm having fun with the soft edge effect! Here is the same waterlily at different times of day and one of the photos is taken from across the pond. This effect seems to really go well the the waterlillies and water.

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