Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday was such a perfect fall day, and I admit there's nothing going on in the gardens to brag about now . What's nice is to take a little walk around the pond or woods and find something unexpected. Across from my waterfall along the woods' edge, I have a wooden bench and table to sit and watch the falls. Just for a little color I planted impatiens at the base of my Rose of Sharon bush. Around the flowers I've placed logs as a natural border. We've had no rain in days and I have yet to water those ever thirsty flowers...but just look how pretty the wildflowers show against the autumn leaves and the rugged texture of the log. Mother Nature does it better than I could ever do! In the shallow end of the pond, where the winds take the majority of the fallen leaves, a butterfly landed on the leaves as I was admiring the view. I noticed the outside edges of this butterfly are white, and I don't recall ever seeing one such as this before. It is a well-known fact that I focus on the dragonflies a little more, though! Now, let's talk about rude!!! I'm walking along the bottom of the falls...right where it flows into the pond...and I see this little serpent sticking out of the leaves. The snake allowed me to take plenty of photos, but as I got decided to stick his tongue out at me! No, I didn't return the far as I understand...that is how they "smell". I may be wrong, feel free to correct me. Now, I had two of my Meadowhawk dragonflies following me at this point and were within inches of this creature. That's when I stopped photographing the snake! Here's another..."go ahead at laugh at me " moment. I have twice saved critters(a frog and a toad) out of snakes' mouths. L-o-n-g stories...but honest to God, I succeeded. I even coaxed the critters away from the snakes after the release. Yes, I am a nutcase! I know the snakes have to eat...but not in front of me! The last photo is our resident pond turtle...that is his favorite sunning spot. My hubby believes that he's a good sized painted turtle. No snappers, thank you! When I was a child I got bit by a snapper. Holy Toledo!!...did that ever hurt and did a number on my thumb, too! I was told usually you have to behead them for don't want to know how I got it off...but, there was no beheading!

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Patsi said...

Love your photos !
Can't figure which blog to follow.


Sunita said...

Bravo! I'm sure the d'flies view you as their guardin angel or patron saint or something!
How did the snake stay so still for you to photograph him?