Thursday, September 18, 2008


Wild asters of white, pink and lilac are scattered along the damn, around the pond and the woods' edge at this time of season. I enjoy coming across some of the wildflowers that I didn't's just a nice little surprise when out taking a walk. Some see these flowers as a nuisance...but in a natural setting they are right at home wherever they plant their roots! The sedum are starting to bloom, and as these are very hardy and vigorous, I've scattered them various places in the woods as well. The Daylily shown here showing off is the last of all my daylillies to bloom...well, other than a few of the Stellas are still producing a bloom or two. In the last photo is a plant that was given to me...I believe it's another variety of sedum. At the time, I had nowhere in particular that I wanted it, as many others, I placed it on the woods' edge on a side of a hill. It just rambles along beautifully showing its' pretty pink shades in the morning and evening sun. I guess I found the perfect spot after all!

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