Friday, September 12, 2008


Today as I post, this is my beautiful granddaughters' birthday. My little saying to Celine is ..."I love you to the moon and back, more than all the stars in the sky!" And of course, she always tries to out do me with just how much she loves me, which I don't mind one bit! Time sure does do the summers. I believe this is my last bloom that my Johnson Blue geraniums are going to give me. They always looked so pretty spilling over the rocks, especially when we had our first waterfall next to the dock. I had them scattered here and there on the sides going down. Our new waterfall across the pond has no plantings on the sides this year, we'll probably to some of that next spring. Our current waterfall starting back on the woods' edge has quite a long way down to the pond. It will not be as "decorated" on the sides, as we are going for a much more natural look this time around. Patches is relaxing alot lately in one of Bandits' favorite hangouts. My Splish Splash(I'm pretty sure that was the name?) geraniums are trying to give it one last go at a bloom or two...not much of the lavender color showing on this round. That's o.k. ... I'm just happy to see any blooms right about now. The Ruby Meadowhawk perched on the plant of the ponds' edge...I thought was a nice photo with the cloud reflection. When I viewed my photos after transferring them, I noticed the rings in the water. I have no idea what caused that little added effect, maybe a little frog jumped in...I don't know, but I liked the overall look! This is the first time I've ever seen a yellow ladybug! I have seen the red and the orange ones, but never a yellow one. She's enjoying my hydrangea tree. If she is not a ladybug, please let me know what she is. My biggest thrill around the pond and gardens is if a dragonfly lands on a flower. I have waited and waited for one to land on my waterlily. A dragonfly flew between my camera and the waterlily as I posted earlier. I've photographed a damselfly on my lily, but one hasn't landed right on my waterlily. Finally I have that shot...only the Ruby Meadowhawk landed on an unopened bloom instead of the opened lily. This dragonfly met me again when I came home and flew right next to my head all the way up to the cabin. When I came back outside about 20 minutes later...there it was on the porch facing the cabin. That was pretty risky for the little one because Bandit and two of the other outside cats were lounging fairly close by on the porch as well. "We" proceeded to go down to the dock together and then took "our" walk together around the pond. Both dragonfly photos are the same Meadowhawk. As the summer nears its' end, I'm trying to focus on enjoying what it still offers now, rather than thinking about what's to come in a few months. I've got to enjoy the now and the fall season, instead of jumping to thoughts of short days and long cold nights. A final note to Mom...who reads this...see, I'm not all alone in the woods! When I go for my walks, I not only have the company of the cats following me...but the fish and the dragonflies! No mom...I can't get enough of nature! As far as conversation...I talk to them. And, uh, don't worry...I haven't heard them answer me back!!

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Gardengirl said...

Your beautiful photo's make my heart sing. I would love to live in a little cabin surrounded by nature. I was able to get a shot of a dragonfly that I will post this week. It is not the best photo since the little guy was moving so much. The photo of the little kitty captured my heart. I am a cat lover and have two in our home as well as a dog. I am curious as to what kind of camera you are using to capture these beautiful images.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Sunita said...

Kim, this is really, really spooky! My kids had a cat called Patch who ran away one day when we had gone out. Now here we see a photo of your Patches and she looks EXACTLY like her! Same markings, everything.
Are you sure thats not our Patch who has emigrated to the US?
My kids want to know when you got your Patches.