Sunday, September 28, 2008


This Rose of Sharon plant was a freebie I received and planted around the pond. As I was focusing in on this flower, I noticed how it appears to be a face of a little pig inside...see the two eyes and the big snout? Yes, I've been in the woods a long time! Then there's the small butterfly enjoying the Hydrangea tree and its' changing blooms of soft pinks, creams and sage greens. Here I am once again bonding with a Meadowhawk dragonfly. They are so friendly and curious. When I came home from being out on Wednesday, I looked out my truck windshield to see if I had one of my little red friends greeting me(as they often do). I didn't see a one...but as I turned to open the door...there was a Ruby Meadowhawk perched on my rear view mirror just looking at me. As usual, a couple "walk" me up to the cabin, along with Bandit, my faithful outdoor cat. In order to capture a great shot and to prove that I'm not seeing things, I took my camera with me when I went out Thursday and Friday. I cleaned my truck rear view mirror and window just for this "great shot"! Guess what?? No great shot! No proof! clean window and mirror!! Who needs to buy garden whimsy when you have the real thing? This white mushroom popped up among my bedding flowers, and I like it...just where it is! In a shaded corner of my rock garden where the previous waterfall was, it is just bursting with various shades of greens and violets! I love to see the different color combinations that show up with the different seasons. The Meadowhawk dragonfly basking in the sunshine on the tippy top of my largest Weigela bush just looks magical in the glow, doesn't she? In my last photo is the view I see as I sit on the dock deck and look on the left bank of the pond. This is where alot of damsel and dragon action occurs during the warm months. They do love that all those cattails at the far end! I think there's some serious hide-n-seek games going and around those tall reeds. Now, I never promised garden advice, words of wisdom, beautiful photos of places visited, or showcasing various corners of the world...just some photos of my little paradise. I began this blog on a whim...just clicked "create blog" to see where it took me. Then I figured this would be a good way for my family to see what I feel and what makes me...ME. Complicated... yet simple. Serious...yet whimsical. When family all comes one takes the time to experience the little nuances here in the woods... we are talking and laughing. Good memories, yes, but there is much more our woods have to offer. Right now, at this point in my adult children's lives, they have no interest or need to feel my "calm" in this little "dream come true "my hubby and I created(along with some help from them). So as this has turned into a journal, somewhat, maybe someday when I've passed children will have that need to feel what I feel. Here it will always be. Wow!....all this just to say I hope you enjoy my little treasures!

Considering a new camera? You might want to check out the camera recommendations(at my request), on my , Damsels and Dragons of Wishnik Woods blog. Go to the comments on Post dated ...Saturday, Sept. 27 th. I feel all three contributing bloggers have just great photos. If you have a recommendation for me, please feel free to leave a comment!

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Roses and stuff said...

Lovely shots! I think you're living in a very beautiful area, with lots of interesting creatures.
I like the rose of Sharon a lot, this time of year, when many plants have giving up blooming.

cindee said...

I loved all your pictures. The dragonflies are so pretty and that mushroom is really interesting too.