Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I like to place bulbs all around the woods', the daffodils greet you as you begin your walk up this path.

While looking down on the ponds' edge for my dragonflies, I liked how the Weeping Cherry tree framed my view of the pond. This poor tree was a skeleton by summers' end, due to the Japanese beetles feasting on its' leaves. It was a breezy day, my capture isn't the sharpest and my tree barely made it for the big Spring presentation...but, you get the idea.

A couple here... and a couple there

I have pink, purple and yellow hyacinths scattered in my beds.

Some form of wild flowering grass that begins to bloom in April and profusely in May. This grows in mass all along two sides of the pretty in the dappled shade, isn't it?

Confession...these two tulip plants I claimed off of Moms' Easter dinner table setting...both were planted along the waterfall edges.

Enjoying the warmth of a sunset