Sunday, September 20, 2009


Where do I begin? First of all, thank you to all of you who have contacted me with concern. I promised that I would explain what has been going on with me...and here it is. You all know of my connection issues, and over time (possibly tower changes), blogging and commenting on other blogs has been extremely time consuming and many times impossible. I feel fairly confident that you all understand that I'm not a blogger snob. Time is a precious gift, and I have chosen to spend my time this summer outdoors and not in front of this computer.

I have pain from spinal issues...the hours spent sitting in front of my computer must be limited. To those of you who have shown concern in this area, I'm okay...looking forward to four injections next week to hopefully knock the pain out! Maybe this will be the magic bullet, and I'll be dancing once again! Love those thumping, bumping 80's songs!

After much encouragement from family, friends, and blogging buddies...I have joined Artist Rising. My captures can be seen and available for purchase through my gallery at I am continually uploading new captures, as I have hundreds of photographs from these past few months alone. Currently, I have about 60 photos available in my gallery.

I recieve a minimum amount on any of my photography sold...but it is a starting point, as I don't have the necessary equipment to print and sell from home. This also gives me an opportunity to see how much interest my captures generate.

At my gallery, you can enlarge the photographs. You can choose a capture and view it in a matted frame of your choice of color/ can even see how it looks against your wallcolor. I've had family members in the past purchase just the photography(not mine...yet!), and do their own matting and framing as a more affordable option. It is an interesting site. If you are a member(or wish to log-in) and truly do enjoy my me a favor and click on ...I like this artist. I'm not sure what the benefits are of this feature, if nothing'll bring me a smile. Along with every capture is a short description. I posted a new post on my hummingbird also, someday I'm sure I'll be posting again. I do miss connecting with all of you, but for now, I'm walking a new path in Wishnik Woods...what dreams may come?

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Leks said...

I whish you all the luck in the wide green world girl,take good care of yourself and thank you for the beauty from your eye.Hug Aleksandra :O)

spookydragonfly said...

Hello Leks...Thank you for the wish of luck. I so enjoy sharing what I feel is naturally beautiful in my woods. This will be an interesting path, good or bad. Hugs back to you!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kim I am so glad to once again hear from you and that your are doing alright. I do hope that the shots will help with your back problems. These silly backs can be very painful.

I think that it is such a wonderful idea to put your photographs up where they can be purchased. I always thought you had the most wonderful pictures of nature.
Dear friend I can only wish you well, good things and good luck in your new endeavor.

Gallicissa said...

Good to hear from you, Kim. Beautiful captures, especially the butterfly. I hear the reason for your silence. I will check that gallery, soon. Sounds exciting!

Mo said...

So lovely to see you back! I have missed you and your stunning pictures.

Sorry about your pain, I can relate a little perhaps as I too have back and neck issues that are certainly worsened by hours at the computer. I am confident though you will get some well deserved relief very soon.

Can't wait to check out your gallery of pictures. So well deserved because you have a rare talent! xxxx

spookydragonfly said...

Sorry Alexsandra...'Leks' threw me! I must have brain pain, too!

Hi Lona...Thank you so very much for stopping by and wishing me well on all fronts! I've had steroid injections before without any luck. This time is supposed to be something a little different, I've got my fingers crossed. I hope you enjoyed your summer and all of your beautiful gardens!

Hi Amila...Thank you, you know that I appreciate your input. I also appreciate your understanding! By the way, did I read a derrogatory comment about dragonflies on your last post? SHAME!

Hi Mo...I like seeing your new photo! I'm sorry to hear that you suffer from neck and back issues as well. Constant pain can really wear one down, can't it? Hours at this computer of mine are no longer going to happen. I miss everyone, but everything takes so long with my connection. Thank you so much for the vote of confidence and your nice comments, Mo! Hope your health issues improve for you, too! xxx back at ya!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Kim, It was great to see your post and know you're still out there in the vast recesses of blog-land! You take wonderful photos so I hope this new project will work out well for you! I just had 3 injections...1 in my shoulder, 2 in my lumbar spine. I end up needing them about every 6 months. At one point I had a pain management doc inject my spine while I was under anesthesia. It worked for a while...but wasn't permanent--so the twice a yr. route seems to help. My lyme disease seems to be gone, now. I feel fine except for the degenerative disc disease and joint issues;-) You are in my thoughts for a pain-free fall and winter!

Gallicissa said...

Excuse my rhetoric, it was me venting my frustration. My blog veered from being a mainly bird to one that discusses birds occassionally.

Mainly responsible for that was dragonflies. Appalling, I know.

I want that corrected. That remark was not meant as a derogatory remark on dragonflies my dear, Kim.

spookydragonfly said...

Hi Jan...I truly don't expect much from my pet project, as there are literally thousands of other professional and wanna-be's like me on the site. They suggest that you advertise(?), so I am 'advertising' on my blog. I enjoyed blogging greatly, until something changed with my connection, tower, whatever. I have hundreds of captures...long story short...I thought, why not?

Today I go for my four injections and a nerve conduction test....needles and shocks...oh joy! Past injections haven't we'll see. I'm glad that you're feeling better, Jan. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great fall/winter, too!

Hello Amila...I fully understood where you were going with your post. I couldn't resist throwing that comment in. Every blog I've visited that focuses on a certain theme...always veers. Your photography and knowledge of the dragons and other creatures that you spotlight on your blog, in addition to your birds, are amazing! I understand your feelings on not being a purist...but, Amila...with your talents, it would be a shame to limit your posts solely to the (with respect) birds.

I'm curious if you spend much time at your pond with your dragons. I know you lead a very active life. I wonder if you notice a difference of how approachable 'your' dragons are, as opposed to being out in the field elsewhere.

My dragons are very approachable, many approach me and hover around with curiousity smack in my face...often times landing on me. My female darners have been ovipositing right next to me the last few days. Yesterday, she was doing this maybe 3 inches from my body, all around me. Granted, I spend every possible moment I can, everyday, at my pond...literally hours. Guess I am a strange recluse...hey, there's worse things in life!

JGH said...

Great to see you again! I'm so sorry to hear about your back pain. Nobody understands until it happens to them, right?

Good for you for starting a photography venture - I'll let my husband know since he's a graphic artist and occasionally has to purchase photos. These are just spectacular. I especially love the partially-opened sunflower.

I enjoyed the hummingbird, too. Always such a treat to come here.

Patsi's 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Best of luck with your internet connection and most of all I hope your pain doesn't stop you from enjoying life. Spending hours a day by your pond tells me life is not so bad.
Good luck on your new endeavor.

The Early Birder said...

Hi Kim. I'm delighted to catch up with you again & really hope the new pain relief regime works for you.
It's a 'time for change' for both of us & I wish you well in this new endeavour. As expected the images are stunning. I particularly love the "Angel of Wishnik Woods. Lots of hugs. FAB

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

It is good to hear from you, but I am sorry that you are having back issues. It seems everyone at some time suffer with their back...I have had the shots that you are getting. I hope it gives you good relief. I also wish you much success with your photography endeavor. Your photos are so wonderful, they are sure to be a hit. Let us know how your procedure goes.

Take care,
Morning Glories in Round Rock

spookydragonfly said...

Hi Jen..Thank you for stopping by, I feel guilty now that I haven't been visiting other blogs. Your statement about 'nobody understanding it until they go through it'...oh, so true! This pain is 24/7 for over two and a half changes every aspect of your life. I always keep in mind others have worse my own brother with disabilites since four years old. He has an inoperable tumor on his spinal cord, double curvature of his spine, and has had spinal fusions. He needs oxygen 24/ I have to keep my emotional state in check...others have it much worse.

Funny thing is..I've tried growing Sunflowers from seed with no luck. This was a gift from the birds, I believe. Thanks for mentioning my project to your hubby, maybe he has some suggestions for me as, who to market to? Thanks for stopping by, Jen! P.S....Just visited you and it took five attempts and 23 minutes later...I made it! Well worth it..,great info on the Milkweed and Monarchs!

Hi Patsi...Thank you for your kind words, my photos are among thousands on that site...but, I've got nothing to lose...except my pride! Don't get me wrong, I am pleased as punch to spend so much time at my pond...BUT...I have several responsibilites that require my attention, and I'm unable to do these without pain during and more so afterwards. I'd much rather have a normal routine and no issues with my ADL's, and then spend extra time at my pond. There are so many others in much worse health, that is why for the longest time I hadn't mentioned my health issues. There's more to my story here, which I won't go into, but I am grateful for what I do have and I thank the heavens above everyday for it! Thanks for stopping by Patsi! Hope you enjoy fall!

Hi Frank...It's nice to hear from you, last time I was at your blog, I know that your workplace was undergoing changes, I'll have to stop by and see how you're doing.

My pain relief regime...well, after many needles and shocks yesterday (I am a big sissy when it comes to needles!), I made it through and joked with my physician that he was enjoying this way too much. These injections were a combo of 98% anesthesia and 2% steroid to block the pain. No relief yet, I'm sure in time there should be some difference.

Thank you for your nice comments, Frank. To my surprise, 'Angel of Wishnik Woods' received many hits at my gallery of ArtistRising. To me, it represents my woods. I'll try to come visit you... Hugs back at ya!

Hi Jenny...It was so nice of you to stop by,especially after my absence in blogdom. I had no intent for the longest time to mention my health issues, I wanted my blog to portray my woods...not me. I was contacted by several bloggers asking where I've been, after much thought, I felt I owed my guests a little more thorough explanation of my absence. Thank you for your nice comments and well means alot to me! I am determined to dance once again!

To all of you...

You have all brought a smile to my face...I've really missed connecting with you! Thank you!

ShySongbird said...

How lovely to have you back again, I have missed you!

Your photos are as beautiful as ever and I wish you great success with your new venture, you have a wonderful talent.

I too have spinal problems and know that sitting at the computer doesn't help at all, I hope you gain some relief from the treatment soon.

Anne said...

Kim I hope your back feels better and the shots bring you some relief. As always, your pictures are beautiful. Good luck with selling your photos.

Sunita said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble. And thrilled to hear you're starting a new venture. Wonderful! Your photos are amazing and I wish you all the luck. God bless!

spookydragonfly said...

Hi ShySongbird...Thank you for stopping by and for the wishes of luck. I started blogging as a journal...memories for my family, but more importantly for me. I wanted to capture all of the small wonders that I loved and I felt that my family overlooked when they visited. I want them to 'know' nature... to look around with wide eyes and appreciate it for all its' worth. I know now that our dream come true will come to an end..and we will have to sell someday. You will hear me crying from where ever you are probably! BUT...I am grateful that we were able to make our dream come true...many people around the world are homeless. With that in mind, we have been blessed.

Wow, another chapter in my book here! I feel your pain with your spinal issues...I hope that you find relief as well, thank you once again!

Hello Anne...Thanks for stopping by, as I said earlier, I'm not expecting any miracles...but maybe... someone will enjoy their own piece of Wishnik Woods. I love capturing a moment in time, it will never be the same, each moment is unique...and I'm getting a little too deep! Ha!...MUST BE THE MEDS! Hope you enjoyed your summer and have an even better fall!

Hi Sunita...It's nice to hear from you! Thank you for the well wishes...someday I'll get it together! I appreciate you stopping by and your nice comments. Hope all is well in your corner of the world!

The Early Birder said...

Kim, thanks for checking in on the "EB" blog. The consequences of my decision to leave & move on to other pastures is NOTHING compared to what you have to endure every day. I just hope you can keep smiling & continue to enthrall us all with your inspiring photos when you feel able. xx FAB.

spookydragonfly said...

Hi Frank...I enjoyed my visit to your blog, I know it's been awhile. You know I'm partial to the dragonflies, but your captures of the young cow...I just loved.

Everyone it seems has some weight to bear on their shoulders. I'm tough (I think?!), hopefully my problems will disappear one day...just as fast they appeared. I suppose we do the best we can with the cards dealt to us...and try to enjoy the game?! Thanks for stopping back, and I truly hope you get dealt a few 'Aces' at this point in the game!

The Early Birder said...

Kim. Bless you. Your blog inspired me to try capturing Dragons for the first time this year & it's been fun. If you have time click on 'Dragonfly' in the labels and let me know what you think of my attempts. FAB

Nutty Gnome said...

It's great to have you back - I have so missed your posts and stunning photos!

Sorry to hear about your physical problems though. Daft though it sounds, given that you have spinal pain, but - have you looked at your feet?!

Look at your arches. Low arches cause the ankles to fall inwards, which in turn affects the positioning of the knees, hips, spine, shoulders and neck. This can be helped by the use of insoles which support the arches and put the rest of your body into the correct alignment. (I guess I can't give up being an Occupational Therapist!)

Hope this helps :)

spookydragonfly said...

Hi Frank...Wow, that was nice to hear! I most certainly will check out your captures. My son is on a business trip and is stopping here a couple of days(and it's about time!) before moving on, so my visit will be next week. I have some really good captures of my darners ovipositing that I really should post on my other blog. In the meantime, have a great weekend!

Hello Nutty Gnome...You know, I feel like I'm at a family or class reunion re-connecting after my absence! Yes, my arches had been a consideration at one point. When this all started, I was completely into a fitness routine. I power walked around my property or treadmill daily. I have extremely high arches, and for years I wore heels to work. Even my latest physician asked if my feet hurt and commented on my high arches. Although considered a very 'attractive' feature for a woman to have high arches, it ultimately is trouble. Unfortunately, the troubles go a little deeper, but I'm sure my feet don't help matters!

Thanks for the free consultation! I trust you had a good summer, I hope your fall is even better. Thanks for stopping by and the nice comments!

joey said...

At last, a visit, dear Kim! Your photos are stunning ... good luck selling and do hope you are feeling better.

spookydragonfly said...

Hello Joey....Thank you for stopping by and the very nice comments. I don't have high expectations, but I have many photos. I have few problems uploading to Artist Rising as opposed to my blog. I think the shots are helping a little overall, maybe I just need more time for them to fully kick in. I will try to visit you, still can't get to some blogs at all. Have a great fall, Joey!

Kat Wolfdancer said...

YOU'VE been TAGGED! And it is exactly because of posts like this one. Glad you are OK, cuz I missed you.

I double dare ya!!

and then, Happy Gardening!


T and S said...

Beautiful series of images. And I noticed the new "Certified Wildlife Habitat" banner on your side bar which is awesome.

And here's wishing you speedy recovery from your spinal problems and good luck for your image gallery.

spookydragonfly said...

Hi Kat...Thank you for thinking of me! I have to say that I'm not very good at these memes(?), and I've been tagged before by someone else and still haven't followed through...heck, I have three other awards that I still haven't properly posted either. I hope you're doing well, Kat, and thanks once again for thinking of me. It was nice to hear from you!

spookydragonfly said...

Hello Thomas...It's nice to hear from you. Thanks for your kind comments and your get well wishes. I will try to visit you soon, I'm long overdue. I appreciate your visit!