Monday, July 28, 2008

Just one more?...

This climbing rose isn't the perfect's just one more rose...I've already had my two rounds of bloom that this plant normally produces for me during the summer... this was a late straggler(hmm... is that a word?). As the last bloom faded, I remember thinking well maybe I'll get just one more...a few years ago, my husband, mother and I built this rustic arbour on my late fathers' birthday...I think he would've loved it! Who knows, maybe this was handed down to me by him! The white flower is growing among the base of the roses...I can just look into that small flower forever and stare at that little star. Can anyone tell me what it's name is? The daylillies are shown just because... I can, and speaking of fading blooms, this is the last flower on my Houttuynia. Though this creeper has its' place and I enjoy the variegated leaves and white flowers...I just wish that I hadn't planted quite so much! And then there's Bandit...old faithful who follows me on every walk. Here she is playing some sort of cat and mouse game sneaking on me along the damn. I just wanted to share this photo of her, can't you almost(o.k. - really stretch your imagination!) see her as a panther in the jungle?!

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Philip Bewley said...

I nearly jumped when I saw bandit!!!!!!
looks like a great jungle cat!
amazing image!!!!