Saturday, July 12, 2008


On this early morning as I took my walk, I came upon a dragonfly, or was it the other way around?...we bonded for several minutes...we both moved our heads side to side..almost mimicking one another ...we were within one foot of each other...I finally reached out and pet his wings, ever so softly, quite a few times. It was this was happening...I wondered if this other being was thinking as I was...two different species in complete trust. His wings were delicate...but yet truly strong to be able to go about his life. Ralph came out of the cabin and witnessed this. After our walk...we went into the cabin and Ralph answered a call...his friend and co-worker from work had just died this morning...I never met Jerry..but Ralph always spoke so highly of I know he was a good man. After the call, I thought about the dragonfly and I thought about Jerry...both delicate...yet so strong to go about their daily life.


Mother Nature said...

Welcome to Blotanical.
What pretty daylilies. We live on the edge of woods and are always seeing wildlife of some kind run through the back yard. Yesterday it was a fox.

spookydragonfly said...

Thanks Mother Nature...That's what my family calls me! They aren't into the gardening and wildlife as I, I thought I'd connect with others who are..can't wait to check out other blogs..six months ago I was a complete computer illiterate - but I'm learning. I've only seen two fox since we've been here.