Tuesday, June 16, 2009


David Phlox in a small bed near the ponds' edge. These stand between my Weeping Cherry tree (which the beetles have begun to attack!) and a Hydrangea bush. Just to the right begins the largest patch of Cattails, which most of them are over six feet tall.

Miniature yellow roses on a dark day...a little sun peeked out just briefly when I took this photo.

Wild rambling roses grow in masses around the woods. They send off a rosey musk scent...mmm..mmm...good...I love musk. It doesn't matter how dark the day, flowers always do their best to make you smile.

Pin Cushion is the common name, it's known as an easy plant to grow. I've had every color available, but only this variety has pulled through. Mine have drowned in late winter thaws due to excess moisture in our amended clay soil. The butterflies love them. Before I had all of my cats, these were some of my favorites to place in simple vases or jars around the cabin.

The basic fanciful Iris soaking up the sun in the rock garden between the woods and the dock. I enjoy looking at the flowers in every light...the many moods. Here she is... basking in the sun.

Wild Phlox grows along our drive and scattered in the woods. The bunch shown is growing next to our waterfalls. Wild Phlox goes hand in hand with living in the country. I have the white and purple varieties that pop up here and there.
The true Johnson Blue Geranium, has begun to bloom. My first bloom of the season growing at the base of an Iris plant next to the pond. I love the different textures and forms taking shape as everything comes to life.
The petite Lily of the Valley peeks out. For such a tiny showing, they sure exude a heavenly scent. This was among some hostas that my brother and his wife gave us when we first started planting here. Just recently I found out that they were initially from my sisters-in-laws grandmothers' garden. This made them all the more special. I didn't know they had bloomed until I walked past that garden and their perfume filled the air.

My Marguerite Daisy...I have these growing all over... here and there. Daisies to me add a light-hearted, whimsical feel wherever they call home.

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