Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today I witnessed the death of a dragonfly...and I believe I had a big part in it...we have lots of dragonflies here in the woods, simply because we are so far back in the woods and they surround our pond, last year I noticed the dragonflies will follow me around the pond, and when I stop and rest, they will too. This year a few of them, (different ones-they don't live that long) are becoming bolder and much closer to me. This morning was beautiful and sunny, I was in one of my gardens and two different dragonflies in particular must"live" or like to "hang" out in that area, they were always there since I started to see them this year. For quite a while I watered and pinched off the old flowers, those two followed, would stop and rest and watch. Closer and closer they got , and one of them was within a foot of me as I was bending down "bonding" with it. My legs started to cramp squatting so long , I had to stand up. As I slowly stood up, the dragonfly flew up and - BOOM - a baby blue jay dove down and got it!! Now, I know that's the law of nature at work, but I felt really bad - because if the dragonfly hadn't been so still for so long, that bird wouldn't have had so much time to zero in on it. At any given moment that would probably have happened - but jeez, did I have to be a part of it?! I know, I'm a nutcase!! Sure was a beautiful dragonfly.

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