Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is Bandit..we found her hanging around in our woods and close to the cabin..she weighed about a pound and was literally skin and bones. It was early November and she was so starved, there was no way she would've made it over winter. Although she ate the food I would toss to her, it took quite a while for her to trust me. It just tore me up to go out in the freezing, bitter cold and snow and see her huddled under our porch against the foundation. I put a box with a big towel in it under the porch so she'd have some protection and it took a couple days, she finally went in it. I would bundle up a few times a night and go out and talk to her so she wouldn't feel alone in the cold. One thing led to another ....long story short..she now has a three story heated cat home for the winter...along with Patches, Oscar, O.j. and Houdini. I told you one thing led to another and another, etc.,etc. But, I love them all ...including DeNiro, Scarlett, Sugar, Isabelle and Licorice. Oh, and we can't forget about the dogs...Sultan and Apache..and until recently Brutus ...who is hopefully seizure free and at peace in the hereafter. Bandit is simply a sweetheart.

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Patsi said...

Oh boy...the tears.
What a sad story. Glad she's safe now.
I see you're a sucker for a hairy face too.